Did you hear the Dragons Roar??

Published July 24, 2014 by violetdragonlady

Did you hear the Dragons Roar?

As up on high, they swoop and soar.

Did you see the flames of fire

On stormy clouds, flying higher and higher

The thing about Dragons is – well basically despite what the film says you cannot tame a Dragon. Even saying training it is quite a bit of a push. Dragons are wild, independent, free spirits and while it may seem they are ‘tame’ it is only because they are doing what THEY want to and if it happens to coincide with what you want, well that’s great.


I think I’ve mentioned that I’m in process of relocating the Dragon sanctuary. Many of the Dragons (and friends) are safely hibernating in their travel cases, they do that you see, when in a dark enclosed space, it’s how they live so long. Anyhow those not yet hibernating were grounded for a couple of weeks, for their own safety. You see we had an air show and while I know my Dragons are excellent flyers they had to contend with the humans in the metal things with wings. It was safer all round to keep them grounded.

This however made them restless and tetchy and during the evening of Thursday 18 July 2014 some errrr went out to play. I think many people heard and saw them letting off a bit of steam (pun intended) but not being used to seeing Dragons believed that it was thunderstorms, their roars where the claps of thunder and where they were playing tag, their flames were interpreted by the mundane as lightning.

I know people will say I should keep them under better control, but the thing is, you can’t, nobody can. Dragons will be Dragons, they like shiny things, like freedom, like comfort, DON’T like virgins, or lamb really (mint sauce is different and can be put on anything, well maybe with the exception of ice cream). Dragons LOVE cake, and chocolate, and I managed to entice them back in sometime on Sunday after leaving a trail of chocolate cake.

Did you see the Dragons play

As flying skills they did display

Did you hear the Dragons fight

As free at last they did delight.

I think tomorrow/today might just be take a Dragon to work day. I have a new desk and so far it is Dragonless.

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