Polly Tickle Asylum

Published March 12, 2016 by violetdragonlady

the diplomatic democratic dragoness

I’ve never been interested in politics, nor recent history from say the industrial age. Neolithic, Iron age, Roman, Vikings pretty much anything else but not recent, not WW1 or WW2.

My first real encounter with politics was the election of Margaret Thatcher, my school was a polling station. I remember hoping she’d be elected because she was a woman and therefore would be able to handle things better than a man and understand the people. Sorry I was naive, and about 13/14 years old and didn’t know any better.

I remember the privatisation of British Gas,


and British Telecomm,


I think I had a Busby Bag. I remember the Falklands, the miners strikes, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel singing ‘Don’t give up’ Still I wasn’t really interested in politics. What difference could I make? I’m only one person.

My Dad told me though that if I didn’t vote I had…

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