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Published April 10, 2014 by violetdragonlady

Sometimes I cry

For the chances passed by

The opportunities missed

Wrong frogs that I’ve kissed

Sometimes I smile

Because once in a while

Things do go well

And I feel so swell

Sometimes I scream

In the middle of a dream

And awake to reveal

This nightmare is real

Sometimes I sing

But that’s not a good thing

As I can’t strike a chord

Except nails on a board

Sometimes I’m sad

About everything bad

Though I want to fix

I can’t find the right mix

Sometimes I fly

So high in the sky

I can see it all

And it seems so small

Sometimes I sleep

Just so I don’t weep

I wish I didn’t care

Because life is unfair

Sometimes I love

The clouds up above

The mystical shapes

Help me to escape

Sometimes you see

It’s hard being me.

And it’s hard to be you

I do know that too.

The Fifth Day is the Worse

Published January 7, 2014 by violetdragonlady

So this quitting smoking malarky isn’t all that easy after all. Day 5 is DEFINATELY the worse cravings and emotionally wise. Not only have I and my hubby given up but also my youngest daughter and a colleague at work.

Day 5 we ALL agree is the day when you want to rip someones head off their shoulders and or smash or destroy everything around you, that and want to cry. All at the same time.

As none of us are in prison we made it through day 5. I’m now on day 7. It’s a little easier but not wanting to kill so many is a definate improvement.

One minute at a time I will give up and succeed. Minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days and days to weeks. Eventually it hopefully will be weeks turn into months and months turn to years and years to decades


Published January 3, 2014 by violetdragonlady


I like poetry, both reading and writing. I like art and mainly encaustic art (painting with molten wax). Here I have combined the two by adding an acrostic poem to one of my paintings. I’d like to think it defines Karma quite well. I do believe in Karma although often wish it would act quicker on some people

To blog or not to blog? That is the question

Published January 2, 2014 by violetdragonlady

So I’ve always wanted to write. I have attended writing circles, subscribed to magazines, entered competitions started so many novels in my head I’ve lost count.

Friends of mine blog so I thought why not. I gave up smoking yesterday, didn’t really want to as I do enjoy smoking but know it is for the best health and money wise. Hopefully this blog will help take my mind off smoking and also allow me to vent when necessary or just moan about the world. Not sure if I’ll be able to update daily but will aim for weekly.

Now to figure out how to use this site and make it look pretty.